Our Philosophy of Service

As a congregation committed to the ministry of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), we’ve learned to stand in the GAP after a disaster occurs. GAP = Give, Act, Pray! It is our hope that all the mission activity we do, all the money we raise and distribute, and all the prayers we offer are an embodying of God’s love reaching out to all those in need.


Money can buy food, provide shelter, give comfort, rebuild a house, support a community… and the list goes on. Giving money is a great way to be involved in the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ. We encourage your giving of money through our regular stewardship campaign, special offering, and denomination offerings.


Showing up is at the heart of ministry. When people are hurting, suffering, struggling, or wondering if God has abandoned them, showing up is sometimes all it takes. We encourage everyone to be active in mission work, through one of our hands-on mission opportunities, by volunteering with a mission partner, or by seeing yourself as a ‘missionary’ in all you do – carrying the goodness of Jesus Christ into the world.


Often, throughout Scripture, God ‘hears the cries of my people’ and responds in grace. In our prayers, sometimes we ‘cry out’ for those in need. We beseech God to be attentive and respond. We pray for people’s hearts to be opened. We pray for the courage to step out in faith and serve our neighbors. Prayer is an important part of our mission work.