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Pastor Search - Complete

Each of the 110 candidates whose applications we received were evaluated on their Theology, Leadership, Social Justice, and Spiritual Nourishment of the Congregation. After all those application reviews plus interviews and site visits, the committee’s decision was unanimous, and Terms of Call were approved by session.


We are very pleased to announce that our chosen candidate for the Pastor and Head of Staff position at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood is the Revd. Gary Noonan.  


Revd. Noonan comes to us from the Church of Scotland where he currently serves as Minister of the Houston and Killellan Kirk.


On Sunday, September 10, 2023, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood voted to welcome Rev. Gary Noonan as our next Senior Minister and Head of Staff! 

Important Documents:


Where are We in the Process?
Below you will find the Presbyterian Church (USA) steps in the process of calling a new pastor. The green circle indicates where we are in the process. To learn more about the process of “Calling” a new pastor click on THIS LINK to see the document that is used by churches nationwide.

Call Process Updated on September 11, 2023.png
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