Matthew 25

First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood is a “Matthew 25” Church

Matthew 25:31-46 calls all of us to actively
engage in the world around us, so our faith
comes alive and we wake up to new
possibilities. Exhorted to act boldly and
compassionately to serve people who are
hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor.

As a Matthew 25 church, we aim to help multiply this loving commitment and discipleship by embracing one or more of these three focuses:

  • Building congregational vitality
  • Dismantling structural racism
  • Eradicating systemic poverty

How is First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood doing the work of Matthew 25?

To learn more about the many programs that First Pres is involved in, please go to web pages for WORSHIP, MUSIC. LEARN, CONNECT, CARE AND SERVE.

Resources Available and to Learn More about PCUSA and Matthew 25:

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