Book Groups

FOURTH WEDNESDAY, Room 029, 1:30p.m.

The fourth Wednesday book group will meet on January 22 to discuss the book, Back When We Were Grownups, by well known author Anne Tyler .  Following the death of her husband a woman tries to find out if the past can be the answer to her future.


I invite you to join me in reading another book in this new year.  The book, by Barbara Brown Taylor, is called Holy Envy.  Barbara is an author who served for many years as an Episcopal priest.  She now shares from a new part of the journey of her life.  After she left the parish, Brown Taylor began teaching at a small liberal arts college.  Her most popular class was one on Religions of the World, a journey that brought her face to face with preconceived notions, her lack of awareness of other faith traditions, and the chance to experience worship with her students in places that she would never have dreamed of a decade before. 

The experiences opened her heart and mind in new ways to be exposed to what other faith traditions honor and hold dear. It also made her delve deeper into her Christian faith and helped her to “own” her faith in new and profound ways. Through her book, we are invited to consider our own lack of awareness about the faiths of others, the importance of learning about other faith traditions and to deepen our own faith as well. In early February two dates will be set up for those who may want to discuss this book with others. 

If you’d like a copy, let me know by January 15.  Join us in exploring other faiths as well as being more mindful of our own tradition.