DEACONS and the Care Team they serve on

Adedoyin Afuwape – Not yet assigned

Cindy Burquin – Homebound
Becky Craig – Homebound
Frank Darr – Bereavement, Streaming Ministry
Mary Dee Denning – Bereavment
Susan Fechter – Bereavement, Community Care
Phyllis Foster — Hospital Visitation
Julie Grant – Hospital Visitation
Delores Guyton – Homebound
Gary Hepp – Co-Moderator, Homebound, Sreaming Ministry
Georgia Hepp – Co-Moderator, Homebound
Carrie Hogrebe – Homebound
John Huxhold – Community Care
Julie Jackson – Bereavment
Keith Klamer  – not yet assigned
Carol Layton – Not yet assigned
Lindsay Marting – Community Care
Judy Matthews – Not yet assigned
Gail Meyer – Homebound
Grettie Muckler – Bereavement
Marty Sumner – Bereavement
Steve Van Asdale – Secretary/Treasurer, Community Care
Cecil Wood – Crisis Care
Cindy Wunderlich – Bereavement