Annual Capital Campaign

The Stewardship Committee in conjunction with the Buildings and Grounds Committee, have a goal of raising $100,000 per year for maintenance, repairs and necessary updates of our facility.  This proactive approach will allocate funds for repairs and necessary upgrades before they become major issues and put a strain on the operating budget.

Immediate Needs Include:

  • Courtyard headstone expansion
  • Norman Tower exterior deterioration repair
  • Norman Tower walkway repair
  • Overhang roof repair
  • Extra gutter installation
  • Concrete sealing
  • Fellowship Hall lighting upgrade
  • New specimen tree installation

Changes that Move our Church into the Future:

  • Wi-fi upgrade
  • Fellowship Hall projectors update

How can you help?

You can contribute in the same manner as you give your annual pledge.  The easiest way is to contribute electronically by clicking below:


Who will decide how to spend the money?

The Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Session does extensive work to determine what projects are needed and what the urgency is.  With the help of staff, they obtain and evaluate bids. Other committees will be involved as necessary when the projects are in their area of responsibility.  The projects and their costs are approved by the Session annually and as needs arise.

The Maintenance Support Fund

All contributions for the campaign will be added to the Maintenance Support Fund of the Church.

“The Maintenance Support Fund is designed to support the upkeep and maintenance of the church facilities and grounds.  Money from the Maintenance Support Fund is available for capital improvements or additions to the facility, new equipment, equipment repairs, landscaping, interior design work, mechanical systems upkeep or replacement and other general building and grounds maintenance.  Building maintenance includes both interior and exterior aspects.  It may be used to pay outside vendors or payroll costs and benefits for employees directly responsible for the areas above.”  [Excerpt from Church Support Fund Policy approved on April 17, 2018]

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