Mission Study Survey

Mission Study Survey

As the first step in our church’s search for a new pastor, the mission study team is reaching out to members of the congregation to determine who we are today and who we see our church becoming.

Section One: Who We Are

  • Worship
  • Music
  • Youth Activities
  • Mission
  • Education
  • Other (add below)
How do you come closest to God? (Check all that apply.)
Which worship service do you attend most often?
What is more valuable to the church: your time or your money?

Section Two: Who We're Looking For

  • Pastoral Care
  • Excellence in Preaching
  • Connected to Community
  • Connected to Congregation
  • Business manager (management of church staff, finances, building/grounds)
  • Reformed Theologian
  • Counselor
  • Runs and Efficient Meeting
  • Other (add below)
  • Joyful
  • Funny
  • Outgoing
  • Personable
  • Warm/Fuzzy
  • Spiritual
  • Visionary
  • Leadership
  • Theolgically Grounded
  • Firm Decision-Makers
  • Other (add below)

Section Three: Other Information


Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Sincerely, The Mission Study Team Sue Hooks: deanandsueh@sbcglobal.net; Jim Boal: jboal419@gmail.com; Sarahlynn Lester: sarahlynn@lesterboal.net; Julie Nesvig: j.nesvig83@gmail.com; Mark Robinson: markrsart@aim.com; George Sells: georgesells4@gmail.com